Community-funded cultural experiences
for the renewal of condominiums

Welcome to the Kultudvar concert series website! Our goal is to organize a series of cultural and community events that will provide a unique opportunity for local musicians and performers to perform an acoustic concert in a special condominium courtyard, while helping to fund the renovation of the condominium.

This summer, the Kultudvar concert series invites visitors to a special venue in District II. Proceeds from the special concerts in the courtyard will go towards the renovation of the condominium, so together we can help the community to revitalise in Budapest favourite streets. Visit the Kultudvar concert series and enjoy a concert while supporting the renewal of local buildings.

The programme is made possible in partnership with the Margaret Quarter. Thank you for the support of the District II Municipality!


Choose the event you are interested in and buy your tickets online.

Frankel X.

The house, built in 1898, is one of the most fashionable buildings on Frankel Leó Street, formerly Zsigmond Street, which is the centre of the street and houses shops such as the Telephone Bistro, Susu Ceramics and the Vietnamese Goulash Restaurant next door. Due to its poor condition, the house needs renovation on all surfaces and the corridors are crumbling.

A special feature of the building is the "Z" shaped corridor, of which only two buildings in Budapest have. The residents' association has no funds for renovations, and the money in the renovation fund has to be spent on ongoing technical repairs, which is why the house decided to create cultural programmes to finance the renovations. In addition to concerts, the house would like to raise funds for renovations by sponsoring works by local artists.

The community is particularly interested in the renewal of the house and its contribution to the cultural values of the district. In addition to concerts, the house is also available for film screenings and sponsors are welcome.




The renovation of Frankel 10 will start with the renovation of the special "Z" shaped corridors. The renovation will be preceded by the preparation of a complete technical documentation, which will already define the sequence and timing of the different work phases. Pictures and further information on the renovation works will be published. here


1. Courtyard concerts can only be attended with a valid ticket. Tickets can be purchased online and on-site, but we can only admit a limited number of people to the concert, so it is advisable to buy tickets in advance as we cannot admit more than the capacity limit on-site.

2.The audience is welcome to stay in the inner courtyard for the duration of the concert. It is forbidden to go upstairs, as the building has not given permission.

3. You may enter the courtyard 30 minutes before the concert and must leave 30 minutes after the concert, as instructed by the ticket taker.

4. Condominium bins cannot be used to collect your own rubbish, please use the public bins on the street to collect your own rubbish.

5. Personal contact with the performers is possible after the concert, if the performer is open to it. Please do not book performers for autographs or a public photo before the concert.

6. Closed bottled beverages are permitted during the concert, but no soft drinks or alcohol by the glass.

7. Please respect the values of the condominium and pay attention to the cleanliness of the community.

8. In the event of rain, a refund will be available and will be sent back to you upon request to info@lakaskoncert.hu. If you do not request a refund, your ticket will automatically be valid on the rain date advertised.