Community concert experience at home

Choose from a selection of artists and we'll bring the concert experience to your living room. You can choose community funding and share the cost with your guests.

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Room concerts

Room concerts create an intimate atmosphere in your home. If you have a larger room in your home, you can book your favourite artist to perform a concert exclusively for those on your guest list. The experience will be unforgettable, as you'll be at arm's length from the performer of your favourite songs. If you want background music, you can find a guitarist, pianist, harpist or even a string quartet. For room concerts you can also order a streaming service, a bartender/barista or a decorator who can even create themed decorations for the occasion.

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Rooftop acoustic

If you have your own roof terrace, don't miss the chance to invite your friends to a concert on a lazy summer evening. The special feature of the event is that the performer will sing just for you, who can also be invited for a toast or take a photo together, so you can create an exciting experience for your friends. With community concert funding you can share the cost, so you get an exclusive experience for the price of an average concert ticket.

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Courtyard concerts

The special atmosphere of Budapest's inner courtyards is made unique by the turn-of-the-century buildings. A concert in the courtyard of a condominium building can be a cosy community experience. The hallways and the courtyard are also a good place for residents and visitors to listen to the chosen performer. Condominiums can choose their own performers by selling tickets, with the proceeds going straight into the renovation coffers. This will make Budapest even more beautiful.

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Crowdfunding, also known as community funding, can be a form of funding where the audience pitches in to help cover the cost of the concert. You will be able to send out group invitations from the system after you have registered and ordered the concert. The invitation will include a description of the event and the cost per person to attend. In your own organiser profile you will see who has confirmed or possibly declined the invitation. You can arrange payment on the spot or you can also request a bank transfer for the ticket price. And you can even invite a famous artist because of the shared costs.

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Company programs

We offer special music programmes and team building opportunities for our corporate clients.

Office concert

For office concerts you can even invite a more famous artist to give a concert exclusively for company employees. If background music is required for the event, a guitarist, pianist, harpist and even a string quartet can be found. Office concerts can also include a streaming service, a bartender/barista or even a decorator who can create themed decorations for the occasion.

For room concerts you can also order a streaming service, a bartender/barista or a decorator who can even create themed decorations for the occasion.

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Studio concert

In Pannonia Studio behind the old walls are studios equipped with world-class technology. The large studio is regularly used to record music for Hollywood super productions. We can also host private corporate events in the large studio, where you can even book a studio concert by some of the biggest names in music. The interactive performance also includes a tour of the studio and the animation history museum in the building.

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Interactive songwriting

Everyone is more connected to experiences that they have been personally involved in. Our composers dreamed up a company team-building session where employees write the company song together. During the co-writing workshop, an original song is created and recorded on the spot by the band. The unique experience is sure to be unforgettable for all participants.

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Our services

We make your experience memorable with the following additional services

Barista / Bartender

Looking for a professional barista experience or a special cocktail? We can provide you with

Event video recording

Our video team captures a live concert with professional footage

Event photography

For a lasting experience we provide a professional photographer to ensure the best settings

Online streaming

If some of the invited guests are unable to attend the concert, live stream service is available

Technical background provided

We can also provide audio technology for the event if the production needs

Thematic decoration

Do you want lanterns, lights or plant decorations? Our decorators can do it